MC Skweee

If there is a ‘voice of skweee’ it likely belongs to Oxnard, California based rapper Pubs Panseno. Pubs P has been rhyming over skweee beats almost since the birth of the genre. He’s collaborated with many of the scene’s standard bearers including Rigas den Andre, Mesak, Randy Barracuda, Boys of Caligula, PJVM, Slow Hand Motem, […]

The Mysterious Mrs. Qeada

One of the most unique and unusual talents in the skweee scene belongs to the Swedish producer with the strange handle – Mrs. Qeada. Besides landing spots on Harmönia’s International Skweee and the new Museum of Future Sound 2 on Flogsta Danshall, Mrs. Qeada has released a quite stunning EP, the dreamlike Supercomputer. Skweeelicious: How […]