The ABC’s of V.C.

The debut release on the new Mässy record label is a stunner — Finnish skweee producer V.C.’s twelve inch EP featuring the tracks 30:00, Jello on Springs, Swamp Treat, and Rasco Lust. Skweelicious: What were you up to musically prior to skweee? V.C.: I tried and failed at lots of things in electronic music. I […]

“We Call It Skweee” UK Screening

DONKY PITCH proudly present … ‘WE CALL IT SKWEEE’ UK SCREENING TUES 2ND FEBRUARY FILM STARTS AROUND 8.30 THE GLOBE – MIDDLE ST – BRIGHTON FREE ENTRY FORTHCOMING EVENTS Donky Pitch 1.3, Thurs Feb 18th, The Jazz Place Debruit(live) + Slugabed + Boss Kite(live Skweee) Check out our exclusive mixtapes at our Soundcloud site 01. […]

Let Skweeedom Ring!

Skweeelicious presents Let Skweeedom Ring! — a free 75 minute mix showcasing the synthetic funk from Scandinavia as we enter the new decade. Mixed by Stickem, Let Skweeedom Ring features tracks from forthcoming albums by Mesak, Limonious, and Beem, as well as upcoming singles, cuts, unreleased gems, and a few classic nuggets from skweee artists […]

School of Mesak (HRMN-11) out Jan. 30

A school (from Greek schole, originally meaning “leisure”, and also “that in which leisure is employed”, “school”), is an institution designed to allow and encourage students (or “pupils”) to learn, under the supervision of teachers. School of Mesak (Harmönia, HRMN-11) Album release date 30.1.2010 || School Of Mesak record release concert dates 16.1.2010 […]