Milwauskweee Vol. 16

The latest installment of the forward-thinking Milwauskweee series is out now. Compiled by Innocuous records boss DJ Puffin, this comp features a bewildering array of top-notch skweee beats that sit comfortably together in far left field. Check the Charles Bronsonesque promo video below and buy Milwauskweee Vol. 16 here.

Milwauskweee Vol. 16 from Innocuous Records on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “Milwauskweee Vol. 16”

  1. I couldn’t get the email link for the May Elders Shop Notes to doawolnd the file properly and I was unable to get the file to doawolnd from your web archive. Are you able to email me a copy of the PDF file? Thanks very much.Dana Young732 Ashley Lane NEThompson, ND 58278

  2. It’s good to see someone thinking it through.

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