MC Skweee

If there is a ‘voice of skweee’ it likely belongs to Oxnard, California based rapper Pubs Panseno. Pubs P has been rhyming over skweee beats almost since the birth of the genre. He’s collaborated with many of the scene’s standard bearers including Rigas den Andre, Mesak, Randy Barracuda, Boys of Caligula, PJVM, Slow Hand Motem, Mrs. Qeada, Joxaren, Kool DJ Dust, and Claws Costeau. Pubs also produces his own skweee as the enigmatic Polish madman Luy B.

Pubs P in his own words:

“Been trying to be a “rapper” for about 10 years. Before that, as a kid, I made funny rap songs for fun through the years.

My last name is Grundstrom, I am Swedish, though I never really cared about it.
In November 2006 my brother showed me this Swedish cat’s myspace, Rigas den Andre. I was just like damn! this shit is all so funky!

Then I looked at some of his top friends like Flogsta Danshall and Harmonia. All of the music was so new and so consistently dope. I immediately hit up Rigas to ask if I could rap over his beat Ooh which later was released as his Dead Like You track. He said ‘sure’ so I did. I made songs to probably 5 or 6 Rigas beats.

Then I was listening to Mesak at my friend Dopamine Rush’s studio and we wanted to record to his Popkumm track. We asked Mesak and he said ‘do it’ so we did.

As more and more months went by, I worked with more and more skweee producers. They are all the coolest people. And it just keeps movin forward…”


2 Responses to “MC Skweee”

  1. a HURRI he is?? top notch!

  2. lovin this blog! i’m down with the skweee.