Everybody Loves Spartan

Finland’s Spartan Lover, formerly PJVM has been one of my favorite skweee producers since the gut moving sub bass of Rubarb Dream first hit my stereo in 2007. Early on, Spartan Lover took skweee into funkier, breakier territory while injecting his trademark moving percussion, and always a bit of grit. His profile has risen considerably […]

The Man Called Beem

“Beem is the skweee producer the girls like” it’s often said. Beem has a new album, Peel, chock full of the sexy grooves, lush chords and well, killer hooks that the girls dig and the guys too. He has bypassed interest from multiple record labels to release it himself — for free.   What was […]

The ABC’s of V.C.

The debut release on the new Mässy record label is a stunner — Finnish skweee producer V.C.’s twelve inch EP featuring the tracks 30:00, Jello on Springs, Swamp Treat, and Rasco Lust. Skweelicious: What were you up to musically prior to skweee? V.C.: I tried and failed at lots of things in electronic music. I […]

Joxaren’s Journey

There’s something about skweee that attracts artists with mile-long resumes. This is especially true with the subject of our current interview, Stockholm’s Joxaren. He is more than a pivotal figure in the skweee movement, he has an extensive and wide-ranging musical history as well… Before we get started, just a brief note to upcoming interview […]

Barra Barra Barracuda!

Randy Barracuda is one of the pioneers of skweee as well as one half of electro outfit Imatran Voima, BLAH BLAH BLAH, you know all that. What’s more important for our purposes here is that he is one hell of a raconteur who gives great interview. If you’re not goosed by what you read below […]

He Called It Skweee

Our first post of 2009, which genre founder Pavan has boldly predicted will be The Year of the Skweee, is fittingly an interview with the man who coined the name “skweee”. Sweden’s Kool DJ Dust a.k.a. Daniel Savio was the first skweee DJ and its second producer. Like many of the style’s pioneers he had […]

The Man Like Mesak

Many fans got their first introduction to skweee on Museum of Future Sound, Flogsta Danshall’s seminal compilation, and the first ever skweee release on compact disc. In one of the great “you had me at hello” moments in electronic music, MoFS kicks off with Mesak’s “Popkumm”, a delicious and irresistible slice of jiggery funk that […]

Father Skweee

What can we say about Pavan? He produced the first skweee record, “Punt Kick”. He founded the first skweee record label, Flogsta Danshall. He’s The Man with The Plan. The skweee visionary who has taken the Skandanavian synthetic funk from his Stockholm studio to the stages of international music festivals across Europe, and perhaps soon, […]

MC Skweee

If there is a ‘voice of skweee’ it likely belongs to Oxnard, California based rapper Pubs Panseno. Pubs P has been rhyming over skweee beats almost since the birth of the genre. He’s collaborated with many of the scene’s standard bearers including Rigas den Andre, Mesak, Randy Barracuda, Boys of Caligula, PJVM, Slow Hand Motem, […]

The Mysterious Mrs. Qeada

One of the most unique and unusual talents in the skweee scene belongs to the Swedish producer with the strange handle – Mrs. Qeada. Besides landing spots on Harmönia’s International Skweee and the new Museum of Future Sound 2 on Flogsta Danshall, Mrs. Qeada has released a quite stunning EP, the dreamlike Supercomputer. Skweeelicious: How […]