V.C. Announces Forthcoming Album “Invisibility”

Finnish skweee producer V.C. shared a preview track off his upcoming album “Invisibility” due out December 6th on the excellent imprint Raha & Tunteet. In a landmark moment for skweee, this news made it to Pitchfork. The skweee community had this to say about this development: “HIPSTAH MED1A REPPIN’ SKW3??1 YOLO YOLO YOLO”

new skweee releases!

“We should have our own skweee awards” said a poster on Nation of Skweee. “Every skweee record is an award!” said another. Indeed. And two lovely new skweee awards — both on limited edition seven inch vinyl, are newly available. The new Markis Sage single is the debut skweee release and ninth overall on Mesak’s […]

Canadian Skweee

A bit of history is about to go down. Saturday June 28, 2008 will be the date of the first ever Canadian skweee show when PJVM meets Slow Hand Motëm live in Sound Klash @ The Rocky Saugeen in Hamilton, Ontario. pjvm.org myspace.com/slowhandmotem myspace.com/rockysaugeen Meanwhile enjoy two tracks by Slow Hand Motëm, the Canadian proto-skweee […]

Hello Skweee Massive!

Now a little bit about skweeelicious… We’ll be covering the international skweee scene in all its manifestations. Tell us what you’re doing and we’ll post it here, whether it’s a vinyl release, new skweee tracks on myspace, a skweee event in your area or anything else skweee related. We’re going to publish articles, interviews, and […]

I skweee, you skweee, we all skweee for skweee!

“What in the name of all that is holy” you may be asking, “is this strange music I keep hearing?!?!” Then again you may have somehow missed the clatterous din pervading every corner of the internet (if indeed the internet has corners), or maybe you heard the din but haven’t asked about it… We call […]