Father Skweee

What can we say about Pavan? He produced the first skweee record, “Punt Kick”. He founded the first skweee record label, Flogsta Danshall. He’s The Man with The Plan. The skweee visionary who has taken the Skandanavian synthetic funk from his Stockholm studio to the stages of international music festivals across Europe, and perhaps soon, across the globe.

Skweeelicious: Let’s start with the history. How did skweee begin?

Pavan: I had to start a label to release my music, It didn’t really qualify anywhere else. I knew Beem, and Daniel Savio started copying me on my request. It was not really skweee yet, but when I got Randy’s demo with “Rick James Is Dead” everything fell into place. The sound was defined, but the name came much later.

S: On the early skweee recordings did you describe the type of sound you were after to the other producers?

P: I asked a lot of producers that I knew for contributions and tried to explain what I was looking for, but the few demos I got didn’t really fit. Only Daniel Savio delivered. But when Harmönia started then suddenly 1000 Finns were making it.

S: We’re about two years into the skweee epic. How do you feel with where skweee is today?

P: Good. It is still going somewhere.

S: Atop the Flogsta Danshall myspace it says simply “2009”. Are you expecting next year to be a break-out year for this music?

P: If there’s gonna be a break-out year then it should be 2009.

S: Skweee is very diverse music. Some of it is noisy and dissonant, some sweet and melancholy, some dirty and funky. For people tuning into a new style they’re unfamiliar with, it can be hard to get a handle on just what is skweee. Do you think skweee will settle down into a more easily recognizable form?

P: Yes in 2010. It will be named Mainstream Skweee.

S: Downtempo is at its height since the trip-hop days. Of course hiphop and dub have never gone away but now dubstep has blown up, there is leftfield instrumental hiphop, the psyphe stuff and of course others. Do you see skweee as part of a larger movement?

P: It’s surely related, but made with totally different intention and background. A lot of music is influenced by Hiphop/R´n´b and club music. But Skweee also contains crappy funk and old school sounds, etc.

S: You released early skweee recordings under the Pavan name but you are now using Limonious. Any reason for the switch?

P: Not really. Pavan doesn’t make that much music anymore, but he gets all the live gigs and runs the label. Limonious works hard in the studio.

S: Let’s talk a bit about gear. Can you describe your studio setup?

P: Hardware based, mostly old gear and some machines built by my brother, like the Minod Vorga. Recently I got myself a UDS Russian drumsynth from ´84. And of course the Juno 106. Everything is recorded live into a computer.

S: How about your live setup?

P: Some synths, Juno or Minod, MPC 2000XL and a mixer.

S: What’s coming up from Flogsta Danshall?

P: FD-10 Mangrove and FD-11 Limonious (Oct), Daniel Savio LP (Nov)

S: Finally, there are a couple of mystery artists on Flogsta — Uday Napoleon and Vakttornet. Can you reveal their true identities?

P: No. If I do I will get bad luck.


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  1. what about pre-flogsta pavan? he’s released atleast one 7″ and one 10″ before. what makes a man godfather of skweee!!? more history!! :D

  2. Yeah! Man is right, what aboot “Norra Kvarken”?

  3. Otherwise really kool intaviu.

  4. Nice interview, and always a pleasure to get some tracks to my collection. Thanks both of you!

  5. you can hear the progression in pavan’s sound in the posted tracks which are from 2001, 2004 and 2007 respectively.

    in the future we’ll do a post on proto-skweee and get more into the early development of the music…

  6. many, many thank yooz to pavan and associates

  7. franz is the one.

    we had the pleasure of having him on the second skweee gig in spain in our town (months before sonar) and it was great. skweee for the masses now!!!

  8. Thanks for the post,

  9. Hmm. Good.

  10. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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