Harmönia Presents: International Skweee Vol. 2

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The eagerly awaited sequel to Harmönia’s International Skw*** compilation has finally landed! Once again Harmönia’s artists are setting new standards for electronic dance music.

Unlike the blood suckin’ vampires of brain dead club music of today, these cats have been mastering their art in silence and are just about to teleport mankind back to the zone of full funkativity! The Funkentelechy has been found once again!

12 artists – 10 tracks of the finest analogue soul

International Skweee Vol. 2 opens with the smokey P-Funk stylings of our favourite Frenchman: Wankers United! You can definitely hear the atomic dog barking. Skweeemasters Beem and Joxaren have united their forces for the first time in history and produced a next generation banger of harsh acid funk. AC/DC goes Skweee? Swedish-Iranian Uday is back and this time with a message. The shah of Middle Eastern electro has teamed up with an unknown Iranian woman to bring us this revolutionary piece of Arabian funk with a message of strength and democracy: “Boland Shin” (Rise Up)! The A-side is wrapped up with the flute-driven disturbed grime of Coco Bryce’s “Ghetto Freaks” and Finnish noise-generator Claws Cousteau’s “North State of Mind” which is a party rockin’ example of his aggressive Stylophone crunk.

The B-side opens with the amazing Arab-influenced RnB of Easy and The Center of the Universe. “Hamada” sounds like Erkin Koray teaming up with Lil Jon and 40 virgins in an Ottoman hashish orgy. Finnish-Swedish Markis Sage makes a fantastic return with the 80’s tinged mellowness of “Creature of Lagoon”. Rarely can a track of this beauty be such a funkster at the same time. Icelandic prodigy Rabbi Bananas lashes out a broken beat holocaust with a riotous SH-101 screeching. “Cat Eat” is a true bastard of a track from the tiny country mostly known for its shoe-gazing soundscapes. We don’t know what the Canadian caveman Slow Hand Motëm was thinking when he sculpted the slow-burning crunk of  “Smells Like Randy Barracuda”, and we don’t really give a shit. It’s Great. Shine on you crazy bromosexual! The victorious compilation is finished with one of the Harmönia staff’s favourites: Despite the misspelling, Daniel Savio’s heart achingly beautiful “People Die, Love Don’t” shines through the darkness like a thousand crystal suns.

Free your mind and your ass will follow – The kingdom of heaven is within!

-P. Jerkman/A&R, Harmönia Records

Harmönia presents: International Skweee Vol 2. (HRMN-10) – OUT NOW

1. Wankers United (FRA): Superfönky
2. Beem & Joxaren (SWE): Pros and Cons of War
3. Uday (SWE-IR): Boland Shin
4. Coco Bryce (NL): Ghetto Freaks
5. Claws Cousteau (FIN): North Stae of Mind

1. Easy and the Center of Universe (NO): Hamada
2. Markis Sage (FIN-SWE): Creature of Lagoon
3. Rabbi Bananas (ISL): Cat Eat
4. Slow Hand Motëm (CAN): Smells Like Randy Barracuda
5. Daniel Savio (SWE): People Die, Love Don’t

Vinyl distribution: www.stholdings.co.uk (worldwide), www.discshopzero.com (Japan)
Digital distribution: www.bleep.com , www.digital-tunes.net

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