Let Skweeedom Ring!

Skweeelicious presents Let Skweeedom Ring! — a free 75 minute mix showcasing the synthetic funk from Scandinavia as we enter the new decade. Mixed by Stickem, Let Skweeedom Ring features tracks from forthcoming albums by Mesak, Limonious, and Beem, as well as upcoming singles, cuts, unreleased gems, and a few classic nuggets from skweee artists all over the globe. This mix exhibits the beauty, wit, funkiness and diversity that make skweee important and fun. We invite you to download Let Skweeedom Ring! and in return we ask you to share this link. Most of all, enjoy!


Mrs. Qeada (SWE) Dreamatis Personea
Melkeveien (NO) Fantôme
Claws Costeau (FIN) Cold Smokin’ Tofu
Boss Kite (UK) CMYK
V.C. (FIN) 30:00
Ricky Lemon (DEN) Copenhagen
Bellybelle (USA) Supercell Strut
LaZERcrotch (USA) Neon Dude’s House Party
Spartan Lover (FIN) Zbieg
Wankers United (FRA) Superfönky
Hybakusha (ESP) Lebannon79
Kid Logic (USA) Polyester Shirt
Miramichi (CA) Leggo My Ego
Limonious (SWE) Degenerate
Beem (SWE) Automan
Easy and The Center of the Universe (NO) Yazid
Daniel Savio (SWE) People Die, Love Don’t
Rigas (SWE) feat. Markis Sage (SWE/FIN) Love Over Gold
Stickem (USA) This Thing Is On – Beatbully (NO) remix
Mesak (FIN) Sly Filmfestival (Sotchi Montage)
Sprutbass (NO) Hot Water Dirty Pits
Randy Barracuda (FIN/NL) Overnight Romancin’
Mackaper (SWE) Tale of Tale of Tales – Joxaren (SWE) remix
Slow Hand Motëm (CA) feat. Pubs Panseno (USA) They Lied

12 Responses to “Let Skweeedom Ring!”

  1. Really great and exclusive stuffs!

  2. diamonds are 4ever

  3. hot mix, dis skweee ball sovnd is mvsic for my ears/beers/tearsforfears

  4. Great great mix. Absolutely chuffed to have a track featured!

  5. great mix! big up. greetings from frosty helsinki.

  6. this mix is super dope! and is makin’ the rounds, just heard it on 93.3 cfmu this afternoon. skweeelicious!


  8. Very refreshing mix Stickem! I love that you made it 76 minutes! I can feel that Skweedom Bell all the way over here on the other side of the states! Nice work! & thanks for the invitation. It’s an honor and a pleasure to be included with all these Skweeeball Champs!

  9. thank you, i’ve been sharing!

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  11. sickshit! really loving it
    sharing my ass off

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