new skweee releases!

“We should have our own skweee awards” said a poster on Nation of Skweee.

“Every skweee record is an award!” said another.

Indeed. And two lovely new skweee awards — both on limited edition seven inch vinyl, are newly available. The new Markis Sage single is the debut skweee release and ninth overall on Mesak’s Huge Bass label.

Markis Sage is an anagram of Rigas & Mesak as is the photo above. Mesak says, “the tracks were produced on both sides of the Gulf of Botnia, Helsinki and Stockholm, with hints from Swedish slager music and Finnish tango. Swing is set to 50-75%, and just like in the end of season sale — everything must go!”
You can order direct from Huge Bass.

If you are anywhere in the skweee universe you probably know that there was a jubilant skweee showcase at the Sonar International Music Festival in Barcelona, Spain this past weekend. Participants from Flogsta Danshall battled those from Harmönia in sound klash, and from all reports the results were pure sickness.

To celebrate skweee at Sonar, the first Flogsta Danshall – Harmönia split single has been  released. The Harmönia side features “Must ‘amamba” from Boyz of Caligula, (which I believe is a collaboration between Mesak and Randy Barracuda) and is a squelchy skweeechy masterpiece.

I haven’t had a chance to hear the Flogsta side “Tower of Murdur”, but the return of Vakttornet is exciting indeed.

The split also comes with a written prose poem which will surely add to the lore of skweee. It appears to address the music’s beginnings:

Sometimes things burst out of the collective consciousness. A fragment
of an idea comes to life and fixes a tiny hole in the gigantic spider
web of being.

In September 2004 I was constantly hanging out in a dark, stinky
basement next to an old Thai Massage parlour. To be honest, I was
mostly thinking  of sex and new shoes, but one evening I started
thinking of music.

Immediately weird events started taking place.

I phoned a friend of mine in Sweden, and guess what?

He had been thinking of music as well!

And not only him, but also lots of other people. Even people I didn’t
know before I started thinking about music.

It seems that sometimes You just have to stop what you’re doing and
think again. That’s how people invent shit, I guess. There’s mostly
dirt in our hearts, but if you let it wallow freely, it will start
forming STATUES.

So, think about it.

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3 Responses to “new skweee releases!”

  1. and Markis is also available as digital for those who donät own that record player:

  2. wow, skweee takin over the world!

  3. dem markis sage tunes are off da fookin hook!