School of Mesak (HRMN-11) out Jan. 30

A school (from Greek schole, originally meaning “leisure”, and
also “that in which leisure is employed”, “school”), is an institution
designed to allow and encourage students (or “pupils”) to learn, under
the supervision of teachers.

School of Mesak (Harmönia, HRMN-11)
Album release date 30.1.2010 ||

School Of Mesak record release concert dates
16.1.2010 – Debaser, Stockholm SWE
Mesak + support Sprutbass, Rigas Den Andre, Pavan
6.2.2010 – Mbar, Helsinki FIN
Mesak vs. Claws Costeau DJ set
12.2.2010 – Krill, Tallinn EST
Mesak + support
19.2.2010 – By:Alarm (Mandelbrot), Oslo NO
Mesak + Koppen, DJ Eldfot (Basstronomisk Institut)

3 Responses to “School of Mesak (HRMN-11) out Jan. 30”

  1. Holy smokes.
    This album is awesome.

  2. Can’t download either of the Mesak songs :-(

    Get “File Not Found” but other songs DL just fine.

    Thanks for a great site!

  3. fixed!