The Mysterious Mrs. Qeada

One of the most unique and unusual talents in the skweee scene belongs to the Swedish producer with the strange handle – Mrs. Qeada. Besides landing spots on Harmönia’s International Skweee and the new Museum of Future Sound 2 on Flogsta Danshall, Mrs. Qeada has released a quite stunning EP, the dreamlike Supercomputer.

Skweeelicious: How did you become a skweee producer?

Mrs. Qeada: My friend and mentor Daniel Savio invited me to his apartment in Stockholm one day and he showed me some stuff on his laptop.
I’d never heard or even been interested in any kind of electronic music before but when he introduced me to skweee I was just awestruck. The sound was just so appealing. So after that event I went and got a computer, a sequencing program and started to produce some shit. That shit later became my debut release — “The Supercomputer EP”.

S: Have you produced music in other styles? Under other aliases?

Q: I’m a member of a music collective called “The Bethlehem Beard Corporation”. We make dumb blues type of music. My brother Beard writes all the lyrics and sings and I write the music and play the guitar and some other instruments. Check out the debut album that’s due sometime this summer, it’s being released on Flora & Fauna.

S: Who would you list as your major musical influences?

Q: I’ve listened to folk and blues music throughout my whole life but when it comes to major electronic music influences I tend to enjoy the sounds of Hundarna Från Söder, Boards of Canada and all of the other skweee producers. Bocce is also a new band I just found through my friend Slow Hand. They rock. Hard. I don’t really have one major influence so I basically listen to all the shit I like.

S: Skweee is very diverse. Some is aimed at the dancefloor, some is quite experimental, and tempos vary over a fairly wide range. What are the elements that you think make skweee skweee?

Q: Skweee for me is in a sense what blues in the early 20th century was or what Hip-Hop was in its early stages. Basically music that captures pure emotion. The diversity is also a necessity for the music; it’s a sign of progress and open-mindedness which most of the other electronic music genres that there are today lack. But the basic elements are still very clear: rough and slightly under produced music that makes you feel something. That’s at least what I think.

S: What upcoming Mrs. Qeada releases are planned?

Q: My friends at Peekaboo (Samoo and King Sling) and I have planned two releases on iTunes and on CD. The two releases are two skweee EP’s both with different concepts: “The Unicorn ” about the magical wonders of unicorns, which also features my brother singing, and “The Mellow Skweee EP” which is a mellow more hip-hop oriented skweee. I think the two EP’s are set to be released at the 17th of September.

S: Do you skweee live? What’s your show like and what is your setup?

Q: Yes I do skweee live from time to time. My setup used to revolve around an Electribe-Mx synth/machinedrum and the wonderful skweee classic Juno-1. I borrowed both of these from Samoo but they’re no longer in my possession… Anyway, when I played live I would improvise everything since I didn’t have any saving space on the MX so I did everything in real-time. So now I don’t really know how the shows were like, I hope they weren’t too bad though.

S: Finally, can you explain your unusual artist name?

Q: It was the worst name I could think of, ain’t nothin’ more to it.

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